Mystery SHOpping

In a world where everything your customer's desires is just one click away and where products & services are easily comparable, creating an outstanding customer experience is the key to your company's success.


Face to face interaction is best when you give your guest the ‘Wow Factor’ experience. We help you to get an overview of the perspective your guest has of your team and your product.

Our Mystery Shopping solutions enable you to walk in your customer´s shoes and truly understand their needs and desires to make them customer for life.

A detailed report after each visit as well as aggregative online dashboards enables you to clearly identify areas of success and pain points to work on.

Measure your customer´s experience at all touchpoints along your customer journey and take action.


On the phone, there are only a few moments where the caller decides if they become a customer for life or stays a stranger. 

Focusing on this booking source, that you actively influence, allows revenue optimization by up-sell/cross-sell and strengthens the profitable direct booking channel by delivering the service level that your guests are expecting.

Our Mystery Calling programme helps you monitor the quality of service provided by your call centre. The IFH Mystery CallPlus is a web-based program that allows you to monitor and coach the team at the point of sales.


The Digital world has become a reality of our world.

Your customer expects today to experience the same excellent service regardless of the communication channel.

Get  ahead and ensure your guest experience through your various digital channels create the “WOW Factor” before the face to face interaction begins.

Understand the customer’s online, email or, webchat experience through our Omni channel monitoring program measures your guest experience as well as conversion.


It is estimated that over 95% businesses handling cash have experienced at some point in time misappropriation of cash transactions. To err is human and different situations create motivation for humans to err.

For any business, it takes a lot of effort to generate revenues. IFH helps businesses identify  the potential cash misappropriations and helps you plug the gaps at the right time, Ensuring the revenue generated is accounted for correctly.  Our Mystery Shopper teams check that all the cash handling procedures are being followed. Apart from cash transactions we also check if the employees are maintaining the inventories.

Customer Feedback

Hear the voice of your customer wherever you are in real-time to cure problems before customers become unsatisfied.


Send a timely Thank You email to your customer.

Online Feedback

Earn valuable reviews and make the guest feel important and heard through our Online Feedback solutions!
Our feedback forms can be embedded in your website or social media channels and deliver immediate insights about your customer experience.


Interactive. Quick. Easy.

In busy venues such as malls and stores, touch screen survey kiosks provide a platform for gathering input and measuring client satisfaction. Learn what your customers think about your product, service, or brand. 
Listen to their voices and convert them to brand ambassadors!


Real Time Feedback. Real Time Updates. 

Create an environment that allows customers to have a happy and productive experience with you.

With IFH’s Real Time Feedback solution, get  your costumer’s feedback while experiencing your product.  Route the feedback to the right team member and resolve the issues right away!

Employee Engagement Survey

Get a 360° view around your employees performance and your employees workplace satisfaction.

If you take care of your employees, your employees help you to create exceptional customer experiences.

True employee engagement is one of the most important success factors for your company. At the same time employee engagement is influenced by multiple factors such as 

  • the working climate with colleagues
  • the cooperation with the management  
  • the trustful relationship between supervisors and subordinates.

Use our 360° Employee engagement survey to measure every aspect of your employee relationship and take action to turn your employees into your companies most important ambassadors.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand what drives your customer to exceed their expectations.

The word travels fast in the world of social media. With our sentiment analysis, you influence how your customer talks about your company in their various social media channels.

Become your own influencer!

Our solution helps you to:

  • Improve satisfaction rates by maintaining contact with unhappy customers throughout problems resolution.
  • Increase the brand’s online presence in Google search ranking by quickly responding to customer reviews.
  • Build trust by providing feedback on issue resolution for negative customer reviews.

Your advantage at get ahead


We always offer you an individually designed online dashboards in your corporate identity to identify areas of success and improvements at one glance.


Turn your mystery shopping results into actions using agile methods and our action plan frameworks to initiate changes and continuous improvement.


Benchmark your companies results against your competitive set to clearly identify your market position and improvement areas to be ahead of your market.

Best practice frameworks measuring

  • Quality standards
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  • Customer Effort Score (CES)

Identify correlations between customer satisfaction & employee performance measuring:

  • Employee- Net Promoter Score (eNPS)
  • Employee Satisfaction Score (ESAT)
  • Employee Effort Score (EES)


Tailormade solutions

  • Based on your individual customer journey mapping
  • Measuring all customer touchpoints along your customer journey
  • Integration of brand standards
  • Identification of core behaviors to exceed your customer expectations
  • Definition of your companies success factors & service related KPIs
  • Combination of online and offline experience to manage your CX holistically.